About us

Thornbury Nursing Services – When no one else can

Our mission

To deliver highly skilled, specialized, local nursing professionals to hospitals and other clinical facilities on short-notice

Our vision

Thornbury Nursing Services is a trusted provider of nurses throughout New York and Pennsylvania. We’re renowned for delivering highly specialized nursing professionals to hospitals, nursing homes and other clinical facilities in a “New York minute,” making us an indispensable partner.

Whether your facility is looking for nursing staff to cover vacations, provide extra support when patient volume surges, or fill an unexpected short-term absence, our pool of highly specialized nurses is ready to help.

Thornbury Nursing Services has a 38-year track record of recruiting nurses who uphold the highest standards of patient care. Our nurses are compassionate, collaborative, and invested in the health and well-being of those they serve. They’re also highly specialized – and adept at working in a wide-range of clinical environments.

Thornbury nurses are available to fill staffing needs in:

  • Hospitals – emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICU, PICU, cath lab, and more
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Dialysis centers
  • Schools

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