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5 must-have apps for agency nurses

Being an agency nurse gives you the freedom to choose when and where you work – all while earning much-deserved additional income! Alongside the many advantages, come some challenges. Here are 5 key apps for agency nurses to ensure your days and shifts run as smoothly as possible.

Apps for agency nurses:

1. Google Maps

Working with a new client and new team can be incredibly exciting and insightful, but finding the facility often isn’t so easy! Having an app like Google Maps on your phone means you can work out your route from home to work with ease.

You can even check specific train/bus times and how long your route will take, so you won’t need to worry about being rushed or arriving late. You can also use the ‘Explore’ feature to find places and facilities in the neighborhood such as parks, coffee shops, and parking lots.

iPhone / Android

2. ShiftLife Organizer

This is a custom calendar app created specifically for shift workers, like nurses. It not only helps you track your shifts and hours, but also your pay. You can easily maintain a record of your completed shifts, overtime hours, working locations, hourly pay, total pay, and other details.

A must-have for all agency nurses! This app is only available for iPhone, but there are similar apps for Android users such as Shift Calendar and myShiftWork.


3. Mealime

Finding the time to prepare fresh meals and maintain your nutrition can be a challenge when you’re working a lot. Using an app like Mealime can help you create grocery lists and meal plans, so you stay healthy and energized. Say goodbye to decision fatigue after a long day’s work!

iPhone / Android

4. Google Drive

Easy access to your professional documentation is essential for an agency nurse. Rather than carrying around a physical folder or trying to maintain a bunch of emails, save all your key documents in a single Google Drive folder. You will be able to access your documents at any time, from any device and easily print or share.

iPhone / Android

5. Simple Habit

Meditation can help nurses handle day-to-day workplace stress in a safe and positive manner, leading to improvements in physical and mental health. Starting a meditation practice doesn’t need to be daunting.

The Simple Habit app offers a range of 5-minute exercises to help you build your practice. It has a growing database of meditations for any time of day, any personal situation, and any goal. The best thing about having an app like this on your phone is that you can meditate virtually anywhere – in your car, on the bus, in the restroom, in an unused patient room, or a hospital chapel.

iPhone / Android

If you would like to work as an agency nurse with Thornbury, you can register with us here. We offer lots of benefits and opportunities, and we’d love for you to join the team!

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