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The Benefits of Hiring Local Nurses

Imagine: Backup power in a portion of your hospital fails in the middle of a storm. You need to quickly relocate patients to another wing of the building but need additional staff to help make the move.

Imagine: An unexpected closure of a nearby dialysis center leads to a sharp uptick in patients. You now have a steady stream of patients who need to be seen on set days but lack enough nurses to meet the sudden demand.

Imagine: The height of flu season is impacting not only patient volume but the number of staff who are out sick. You need to help patients fight one epidemic, while fighting another yourself – being short-staffed.

The solution: Local per diem nurses – highly skilled and thoroughly trained individuals who are available on short notice.

Staffing is an art in a science. You need the right number of staff to ensure you can meet patients’ needs – and you also need the right people in the proper roles to ensure maximum patient satisfaction. Local per diem nurses who understand the unique needs and challenges of the community can play an important role in balancing that equation, when you need extra nursing support for a short period of time.

Whether it’s a day, week or month, Thornbury Nursing Services has access to a rich pool of local nurses who can help meet your staffing needs. ER, OR, ICU, PICU, dialysis center – you name it. We have the talent you’re looking for.

Our ability to deliver skilled talent on short notice lies within the pool of specialized New York nurses who are part of our network. From Brooklyn to Buffalo, we have vetted an extensive group of nurses with varying specialties who are ready to fill your needs in a New York minute. As local residents, they know how to navigate the subways and highways, skillfully get from the Lower East Side to the Upper West Side – and as patients in the communities they serve, they have a shared responsibility for clinical continuity and quality of care.

Thornbury nurses are responsive, flexible and accessible at your convenience. When surge strikes, we deliver. And, we’ll even cover your nurses’ sick days.

Whether you’re staffing up for surge or need an extra pair of hands to pitch in while a nurse is on vacation, we can help. Contact Jeffrey on 646 779 7959 to learn how Thornbury can help meet your facility’s short-term staffing needs.

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