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What is it like to work as a Cath Lab Nurse?

Cath lab nurses are integral members of patients’ care teams, working alongside doctors during procedures and caring for patients before and after. These highly specialized nurses support patients who are undergoing diagnostics for heart disease, being checked for heart defects and undergoing valve replacement, among other procedures.

Is there demand for cath lab nurses in New York?
More individuals in the U.S. die from heart disease than any other condition/ailment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that one person in the U.S. dies from cardiovascular disease every 37-seconds, while one person has a heart attack every 40-seconds. Add on the fact that cath lab nurses support both diagnostic procedures and treatment, and the level of training, licensure and experience they must acquire, and the answer is clear: there is high demand for New York cath lab nurses.

What are the characteristics of a good cath lab nurse?
Excelling in any nursing field requires a mix of hard and soft skills. If you are potentially interested in working as a nurse in a cath lab, it’s going to take a lot of studying. In addition to becoming a registered nurse, you will need life support certifications and, depending upon where you work, additional certifications in critical care nursing and/or vascular care may be needed as well. While studying to become a cath lab nurse is a commitment, it is very rewarding to support patients as they receive care for a vital organ.

Beyond their education, cath lab nurses must be team players, as they work closely with physicians. Given the range of procedures they may support, precision, focus and adaptability are also important attributes. And, we can’t forget compassion! After all, you’ll be supporting patients during what can be both stressful – and urgent – situations.

Where do cath lab nurses work?
Most cath lab nurses work in hospitals. In New York, several hospitals have cath labs, so there is still opportunity to work in different settings, depending upon the environment in which you are most comfortable and/or the locations that are most easily accessible for you.

For nurses who enjoy working closely with physicians and supporting patients who are undergoing a wide range of procedures, serving as a cath lab nurse can be a rewarding career. While it requires a strong commitment to education and licensure, cath lab nurses reap the rewards of knowing they are supporting individuals who are receiving care for one of their most vital organs.

If you’d like more information on working for Thornbury Nursing, contact Alicia on 646-779-7960.

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