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Working as an ER nurse in New York City

It’s the city that never sleeps. New York City is a buzzing, high-energy environment 24/7, and that pulse stems from Times Square to the Financial District, from Broadway to Brooklyn, and into the hospitals that care for the people of New York City.

ER nurses are on the frontline of rapid-response patient care. Whether its 2p.m. or 2a.m., they jump into action to provide high quality care to those in urgent need. Faced with rapidly assessing a patient’s needs and determining an immediate course of action, ER nurses need to quickly build trust with patients – not to mention coworkers – while maintaining calm amidst a storm of activity.

What is a typical day like for a New York City ER nurse?There is nothing typical about a day in the emergency room! New patients – with unique needs – are constantly coming through the doors. You truly never know what will happen during a shift.

Working as an ER nurse is fast paced and both emotionally and physically demanding. ER nurses often work 12+ hour shifts in this hectic environment where critical decisions often have to be made in a New York minute. Their attention is constantly shifting as new patients come through the doors and the patient(s) with the most critical needs change(s).

What skills does it take to become an Emergency Room nurse?

ER nurses are registered nurses with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. They also hold licensure and certifications in emergency nursing. ER nurses may also become specialized in areas such as pediatric life support, trauma nursing and more.

Beyond their education, ER nurses must work well under pressure and have the ability to remain composed, even when facing life or death situations. ER nurses must be highly attuned to changes in their patients’ conditions and comfortable with managing a changing workload.

Needing to make sound decisions in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, good judgment and the ability to think on your feet are also very important skills for New York City ER nurses. If you are a nurse who enjoys the fast pace and a constantly changing environment, working as an ER nurse at a New York City hospital could be a rewarding next step in your career.

What are some of the challenges ER nurses face in New York City?

While emergency rooms are fast-paced environments by nature, working in a major city makes the environment even more demanding. Patient volumes tend to be higher, which is challenging when you are tasked with treating everything from cuts and bruises to major trauma.

The demands of working in an emergency room can also lead to burnout, which makes self care even more important. You must take good care of your physical and emotional health in order to meet the demands of working as an ER nurse.

If you are a New York City nurse who is committed to making a difference in patients’ lives, thrives in a fast-paced environment and is adept at multitasking, working as an ER nurse can be a rewarding experience. With your dedication, compassion and expertise, you can help New Yorkers who are facing illness or injury at a time when they need you most.

If you’re interested in hearing one nurse detail her life working in New York City, check out CNBC’s recent “Make It” story which follows a 25-year-old registered nurse who works at NewYork-Presbyterian.


As a trusted provider of nurses throughout New York, we are always looking for local ER nurses to join our talent pool. If you’re always willing to go the extra mile to make patients comfortable, please reach out!
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