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Nurses Take Vacations Too

Holidays. School vacations. Summer vacations. Staycations. Honeymoons. Long weekends. Family leave. Nurses need to take time off, too. So, how can hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers and other medical facilities cover the short-term staffing gaps that arise while maintaining the highest quality of patient care? Enter per diem nurses.

Why are per diem nurses a great resource for covering vacations?

  • Facilities can book nurses with the right skills when and where they need them.
  • Per diem nurses are available on short-notice, which is particularly important for covering unexpected absences or managing unanticipated surge.
  • Per diem nurses bring a wide-range of specialties to the table – if your facility needs a dialysis nurse with 5-10 years, that’s who you can book. The same goes for ER, OR, ICU and PICU, among other specialties.

If you’re thinking about using per diem nurses to shore up short-term staffing gaps at your hospital or other medical facility, you may be wondering:

What can you expect when hiring per diem nurses to help shore up staffing gaps?
Responsiveness. Expertise. And, an unwavering commitment to the highest quality of patient care.

Is there a minimum number of shifts that I need to book?
No! At Thornbury Nursing Services, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled flexibility. There are no minimum booking requirements.

How will you find the right nurse to cover the needed shifts?
Our network of highly specialized local nurses is vast. You tell us what skills are most important to you, provide some background on the work environment and expectations for the nurse, and we’ll take it from there. Rest assured, all of our nurses have been carefully screened and are ready to support you – and your nurses – when you need them most.

A lead nurse at one of our client’s summed it up beautifully: “Thornbury offered a very prompt and efficient service and provided us with the seamless nursing coverage that we required.”

Looking for a per diem nurse to cover vacations and holidays? Contact Jeffrey on 646 779 7959 today to learn more about hiring our highly skilled New York nurses.

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