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Nursing credentials: FAQs

Completing the nursing credentials process is a crucial step in joining a new staffing agency. Tamara, our Credentialing Specialist here at Thornbury Nursing Services, answers our nurses’ most frequently asked questions about credentialing:

1. Why do I need two years’ nursing experience?

Hospitals and medical facilities require nurses to have at least two years’ experience so that they can be confident the nurses have sufficient knowledge and skills to hit the ground running.

2. I am licensed in another state as a nurse. Does New York State participate in the Nursing Licensure Compact?

No. New York State is not a Nursing Licensure Compact State. You must apply for an NY State Nursing License before you can work here. You’ll find information on how to do this on the official Nursing Licensure website.

3. Why do I need to present my ID in person?

From January 2022, nurse staffing agencies are required to collect IDs in person. If IDs are not presented in person, you must have your local notary complete our Notary Acknowledgement Form. The notary will act in place of our team verifying that your ID(s) are authentic.

4. Why do you require some additional documentation/checks compared to other nurse staffing agencies?

Our clients trust us to provide high quality nurses and our credentialling process reflects that. It is comprehensive and thorough and, although this may take slightly longer to complete, it will be a big benefit to you in the following ways:

  • As a Thornbury nurse, you will be viewed with prestige and respect
  • Once you complete your first assignment, we can easily place you on another assignment without you needing to be credentialed again
  • We will cover the costs of your medical assessments

If you have additional questions about our credentialling process or would like to discuss an existing application, you can reach Tamara, our Credentialling Specialist, on (646) 779-7969 or email Tamara.Foster@thornburynursingusa.com

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