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Working as a nurse in 2020 and beyond

Telemedicine. Dialysis nursing. Travel nursing. Per diem. In this new decade, there are countless opportunities to channel your passions for patient care and land a meaningful job as a nurse.

Similar to the various ways one can work, the need for highly skilled nurses is on the rise. The number of jobs for registered nurses is expected to grow by 12% from 2018 to 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOL). (For reference, the BOL reports 5% is considered average growth across all occupations.) Further, the U.S. Department of Labor projects a 20% increase in registered nurses by 2026 (baseline year 2016).

An aging population
The New York State Office of Aging reports that 1.81 million New Yorkers will be 75 or older by 2030 – that’s one in four people in New York! As the population ages, there will be a growing demand for nurses who specialize in elder care (geriatric nurses), as well as those with expertise related to ailments common among the elderly – kidney failure (dialysis nurses), diabetes (diabetes nurse), Alzheimer’s and dementia (memory care nurses). There will also be an increased need for nurses to working in nursing homes and other skilled/long-term care facilities.

With an aging population, many adult children also find themselves assuming a caregiving role. This can make it challenging to work full-time while balancing other responsibilities. Per diem, nursing is a great solution for nurses in these or similar circumstances, because they can choose when and where they work. Having added flexibility around what shifts and how often one works is a unique and valuable, benefit of per diem nursing.

Lastly, travel nursing is another opportunity that can meet the needs of an aging population. As more adults make their way into retirement, some may want to transition to part-time work or find a way to work while still enjoying leisure time for things such as travel. Travel nursing assignments are a great way to explore different parts of the country while still enjoying the rewards of working as a nurse. (To learn more about working as a travel nurse in New York City, click here.) On the flip side, travel nursing is also great for adult children who want to spend time with an aging loved one who isn’t local – why not take on an 8-12 week assignment in a warm climate to spend time with a parent or grandparent in the middle of a cold northeast winter? And, don’t worry – it’s a great way for grandparents to spend some extra time near their grandchildren, too.

The growth of telemedicine
The global telemedicine market is projected to have a value of $130.5 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 study by Global Market Insights. As the telemedicine field grows, there will be more opportunities for nurse practitioners to work remotely. These opportunities may include working as a case manager or staffing a medical call center.

As new opportunities emerge to work in nursing, there are countless ways for skilled nurses to share their talents and passions to better the lives of patients. Whether working in a hospital, long-term care facility or physician’s office, the impact that nurses make is long-lasting.

If you’d like more information on working for Thornbury Nursing, contact Trechell on 646-779-7960.

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