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3 Things Nurses Should Know About Per Diem Work

Whether you are looking to supplement your income with some additional shifts or seeking flexible employment that can be scheduled around other commitments, per diem nursing may be the right fit.

Per diem nursing can be a win-win for nurses and employers alike. Nurses gain optimal control over their schedules and work environment, while clinical facilities gain access to highly skilled talent who are available on short notice. For example, an ICU nurse who holds a permanent part-time position can take on per diem work to supplement his or her income, while a hospital can temporarily add staff to manage patient surge resulting from an outbreak of flu, measles or other illnesses.

If per diem nursing sounds like it might be a good way to share your skills and expertise with the patients and clinical facilities who need them most, here are three things you should know.

As a per diem nurse, location, shift and total hours worked are up to you

Are you looking for a nursing position that can be tailored to fit around your other commitments? Per diem nursing may be the solution. As a per diem nurse, you can choose when, where and how long you work. If you thrive in a large trauma center, you can seek placement at that type of facility. Prefer a private hospital? That option is available, too. Prefer a 7a.m.-7p.m. shift? Just ask. Per diem nursing is ideal for individuals who seek greater control over their schedule and work environment. It allows you to support patients and fellow nurses in an environment when you not only feel comfortable, but can make a big impact.

Per diem nurses fill a critical gap for hospitals and other clinical facilities

Vacations, sicknesses and surge can all put a strain on medical providers who are working to meet patients’ needs. As patient counts rise, these facilities are tasked with staffing up to meet the demands of those they serve. Enter per diem nurses. As a per diem nurse, you can lend your skills and expertise to a facility – and improve the quality of care for patients – when they need it most.

Thornbury’s per diem nurses uphold the highest standards of patient care

A Trustpilot review from one of our UK nurses says it best: “I would recommend Thornbury Nursing to anyone who has high standards.”

As a Thornbury nurse, you play a critical role in supporting patients – and fellow nurses – when they need you most. Our nurses are flexible, compassionate and specialized. Collaborative, adaptable and open-minded. Invested, understanding and accessible. And, one of those nurses could be YOU!

Thornbury Nursing Services is currently seeking highly specialized per diem nurses in Manhattan and Long Island. If you’re always willing to go the extra mile to make patients comfortable , please reach out!
Reach Trechell on 646-779-7960
Reach Kawana on 646-779-7958

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