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Telephone Triage Nursing

Telephone Triage Nursing is one of a growing number of opportunities to work in the telehealth field. Telephone Triage Nurses (TTNs) are a great resource for people who live far away from medical facilities and are unsure whether or not they need to be seen by a physician. And, data shows that an increasing number of patients are taking advantage of “televisits” – during the past five years, the number has increased by 340%, according to 2019 physician survey conducted by American Well.

What are TTNs responsible for?

A core function of Telephone Triage Nurses is patient screening with the ultimate goal of determining whether or not a patient needs to be seen in-person by a doctor. Since TTNs don’t have the luxury of seeing the patient in-person, they need to be very thorough when asking patients questions to ensure the appropriate determination or referral is made. TTNs are responsible for everything from information intake to assessment, so attention to detail is critical for ensuring the best patient experience.

How do TTNs work with patients?

As a Telephone Triage Nurse, your engagement with patients may occur by phone or video. You may field these inquiries from a call center, physician’s office, trauma center or other specialized facility. In some instances, TTNs are able to work from home, which can be beneficial for nurses with transportation barriers. The opportunities may be for full-time, part-time or per diem work. And, there are even opportunities for travel nurses to work in Telephone Triage Nursing.

For nurses who are accustomed to working in traditional clinical settings such as hospitals or physicians’ offices, the idea of diagnosing a patient without physically seeing them can be a novel experience. With that said, since TTNs make referrals based purely on oral assessments, being inquisitive, thorough and having strong oral/phone communication skills is an absolute must.

What are the benefits of Telephone Triage Nursing for patients?

For patients who don’t live in close proximity to a medical facility, a telemedicine assessment can help them determine whether or not it is necessary to seek in-person treatment. It is also helpful for patients who need a medical assessment outside of traditional office hours, or whose schedules make it difficult to fit in a trip to the doctor’s office. And, as an added benefit, televisits can help to reduce in-office wait times for patients who do need to physically see a doctor or RN.

Telemedicine is growing and Telephone Triage Nursing is just one opportunity to work in this dynamic field. Whether you work as a Telephone Triage Nurse in a physician’s office, call center, trauma center or work remotely from home, you are helping to improve the patient experience by delivering expert advice in a timely manner.

For opportunities to work as a telephone triage nurse, click here.

What more information? Contact Trechell or Kawana today on 646-779-7960.

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Patricia Albanese
Patricia Albanese
3 years ago

I am interesting in obtaining a RN triage nurse position on the Long Island , NY area.
Can you please provide me with more info about job opportunies . Also, are their part time , per diem positons ? Do you work from home , or is there a site to report to for these positions?
Thank you in advance.
Patricia Albanese, RN

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