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What are the best shoes for nurses?

It’s no secret that nurses spend 99.9% of their shift on their feet, which is why it’s so important that they find the right pair of shoes to support their feet during those long shifts.

Tips on selecting the best pair of shoes:

  • Wide toe box – try to pick a shoe that isn’t too narrow across the toes as your feet will naturally swell throughout the day and the last thing you need is sore toes or blisters
  • Slip-resistant sole – there may be occasions where you must run from one part of the hospital to another, so a slip-resistant sole is key. It may also help prevent any accidents if there’s a spillage!
  • Lightweight – if you’re working a long shift, ensure you’re wearing a lightweight shoe that isn’t heavy.
  • Adequate cushioning – find a shoe that has a thicker sole and adequate cushioning. If you’re on your feet all day, any cushioning will become compressed after a few hours so it’s important you pick something that has enough cushioning to see you through the day or night.

Here are four of the most highly recommend shoes for nurses:

  • Crocs: Crocs has developed a range of shoes perfect for healthcare workers who are on their feet all day. Their shoes offer a relaxed fit, are slip-resistant, have enhanced arch support and importantly, are easy to clean.
  • Skechers and slip-on sneakers: Skechers are renowned for finding the perfect balance between comfort and style. They have a unique range of shoes that have been designed with podiatrists focusing on comfort, a suitable arch to fit the natural shape of the foot and a lightweight style.
  • Nurse Mates: Nurse Mates is a brand that offers high-quality footwear, scrubs and other nursing accessories. They have a variety of shoes that have been developed specifically for nurses, with a variety of styles such as sneakers, clogs and slip-ons.
  • Clarks: Clarks is one of the oldest shoemakers in the world, with over 200 years’ experience in making shoes. They are a popular brand across the states for essential workers and even have their own essential workers shoe range.

Now that you’ve found your perfect shoes, step into your next assignment with Thornbury Nursing. Check out our latest roles here.

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