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We provide nurses for emergency, last-minute coverage across New York and Pennsylvania. If you need a nurse, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you very soon.

Clients rely on us to support them when no one else can

Here are some of the benefits of booking a nurse from Thornbury Nursing:


Remember the time you only needed a nurse for one day to cover a colleague’s vacation but you were tied into booking a minimum number of shifts with another agency? At Thornbury Nursing, we get that you may only need someone for a super short period of time and we will accommodate that. Our model is more cost effective as you’ll only need to book nurses on the days you need them.


We live and work in NYC and understand the unique challenges that other non-local agencies may not. We, along with our friends and families, are patients in the communities we serve and carry a shared responsibility for clinical continuity and quality of care. We also know where to find the best pizza in the city, just ask!

Singular Focus

Emergency, last-minute coverage in New York and Pennsylvania is our specialty. Because we don’t engage in travel nursing or permanent placement, Thornbury’s singular focus ensures the right nurse shows up at the right place at the right time to deliver best-in-class care. If you need coverage fast, let’s connect.

Quality nurses

Thornbury is NCQA and Commission compliant. Our nurses are properly vetted and fully credentialed with a minimum 2 years’ experience. We only employ the best nurses who can hit the ground running. Our job is to make yours easier and that starts with placing the highest quality nurses who you can rely on.


Engaging in a Thornbury search is 100% free and you are only billed when our nurses provide coverage. Bill rates are transparent and fixed, so budgeting and planning for coverage doesn’t involve the typical surprise additional costs associated with traditional agency coverage. You have enough to worry about and deciphering confusing cost structures shouldn’t be one of them.


Gone are the days of incessant agency phone calls. Whether it’s texting while you’re on the train, emailing on-the-go, or reaching out in a pinch to our cell phones, we are available to you at your convenience.

Do you need to book a nurse?