Jobs for Emergency Room Nurses in New York and Pennsylvania

Thornbury Nursing Services Is a Healthcare Recruitment Firm Specializing in Placements for Emergency Room Nurses in New York and Pennsylvania.

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Emergency Room Nursing Jobs

ER nurse jobs are highly skilled. When patients arrive at the emergency room, the nurses are responsible for evaluating their injuries and condition. A competent emergency room nurse needs excellent verbal communication skills and extreme attention to detail in order to succeed in her role. An experienced nurse must also be able to recognize clinical symptoms and then convey her findings to the doctor.

The role of an ER nurse is varied. They assist with treatment plans, explain prescription information, administer IVs, drugs, and injections, as well as carrying out EKGs and other medical procedures. When patients are being discharged, emergency room nurses have to ensure that the patient and the patient’s relatives understand any home treatment options and procedures.

Emergency Room Nursing Roles

Our emergency room nurses work in a variety of settings including pediatric departments, hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, and physicians’ offices.

ER Nurse Role Requirements

We are currently hiring for all levels of certified ER nurses. We want to hear from you if you are a registered nurse with recent experience, and the legal right to work in the United States.

ER Nurse Pay Rates

Emergency room nurses are highly trained professionals, and their pay package should reflect this. The salaries we offer are more than competitive and set according to location, specialism, and experience.

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