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Medical-Surgical Nurses

Registered nurses who work in medical-surgical positions provide adult care prior to and following medical procedures and operations. Their duties include being responsible for daily assessments, post-surgical evaluations, and wound management.

In addition, medical-surgical nurses monitor their patients’ health as they dispense medication and plan out their daily care. They then make treatment decisions based on their findings. Most med-surg nurses can care for five to seven patients at any given time.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Roles

Medical-surgical nurses can work in many settings and they are in great demand in hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialized surgical centers, and long-term care facilities.

Medical-Surgical Nurse Role Requirements

If you have recent experience working as a certified medical-surgical nurse, please get in touch as we have excellent job opportunities just waiting for you.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Salaries

Working as a medical-surgical nurse requires years of training and a high level of competence, which is reflected in our excellent pay structure. Compensation for our nurses varies by location, specialisms, and experience.

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