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Dialysis Nursing Jobs

A dialysis nurse cares for individuals who are experiencing acute or chronic renal failure. These people require regular dialysis or hemodialysis to clear waste from their bodies.

Dialysis nurses monitor patients during their dialysis sessions and notify the medical team caring for the patient if anything unusual occurs. Despite their primary focus on dialysis, they have considerable expertise in renal disease.

Dialysis Nursing Roles

Because dialysis treatments and procedures are typically performed in hospitals, outpatient clinics, or at a patient’s home, dialysis nurses have a smaller range of placement options available. Nursing homes and hospices are the most common places for dialysis nurses to work, but there are also placements in hemodialysis and transplant centers.

Dialysis Nurse Role Requirements

If you are a registered nurse with experience in dialysis nursing or acute dialysis nursing, we have well-paid roles waiting for you. Please get in touch if you have recent experience as a registered nurse.

Pay Rates for Dialysis Nursing

Dialysis nurses are part of the broader field of nephrology nursing. They are highly skilled and, as such, their salary should be commensurate. At Thornbury Nursing we understand the training and skills involved, and we offer competitive rates graded according to location, specialisms, and experience.

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